Human Resource Development
Advanced Liberal Arts (ALA)

Human Resource Development

“The conscience of a country starts with one person”

Doshisha University developed a new graduate education program in FY2021 called the Advanced Liberal Arts (ALA) course group. The ALA course group is part of reforming graduate education to promote the development of a new form of learning as mentioned in the Doshisha University Vision 2025 (Doshisha University Vision 2025 special website). It provides multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary education.

This course group is our university's new unique graduate education program for fostering future innovators and entrepreneurs who possess flexible creativity and proposal skills. It is based on the conscience education advocated by the founder, Jo Neesima

The ALA course group will help nurture individuals who can truly perform and contribute in the current diversifying society where problem solving is advancing.

Founder of Doshisha University. Jo Neesima
Founder of Doshisha University
Jo Neesima

Next Environment Collaborative Creation Course

A new worldview created by planning radical solutions to environmental issues from the perspective of combining civilization and social science. This is the future society the Next Environment Collaborative Creation Course aims to create. This course promotes innovation and individual growth by combining the business sense of working adults and the innovative thinking of students through a collaboration system between organizations based on co-creation beyond the walls of the university and companies. It nurtures individuals and a workforce capable of proposing and creating a “Next environment” that helps overcome the dead end in an environment that only focuses on science and technology.

Course Features

  1. feature1
    From the perspective of “conscience,” which is the fundamental principle of Doshisha's education, participants will study Fundamental Subjects, Regional Environmental Subjects, and Environmental Technology Subjects, and put what they learn into practice through Future Design exercises and Mission Research.
  2. feature2
    In Future Design exercises, based on free dialogue between students and working professionals with various interests, participants will co-create the ideal form of future consumers and the new technological ideas that will be required.
  3. feature3
    For participants with higher aspirations, by committing themselves to a theme as mission research, they will form concrete concepts for the realization of ideas and propose joint research.
科目別研究簡略図 Advanced Liberal Arts Next Environment Collaborative Creation Course Doshisha University “Next Environment” Collaborative Creation Couse